Friday, 11 November 2011

AA Travel Insurance- General FAQs

  • At AA Travel Insurance our goal is make sure that you get a good deal on travel insurance, so that whether you are travelling for business or pleasure you will always be covered.
    Our secure website allows you to buy travel insurance online in just a few minutes, or if you prefer to talk to someone why not contact our UK based call centre?
    AA Travel Insurance is a division of Drakefield Insurance Services Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. (Firm Registration No. 312317). Drakefield Insurance Services Limited is part of The AA.

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    If my partner and I live at separate addresses can we still have the couple rate?

    No you would have to buy separate policies. A couple is defined by the insurer as two adults aged 18 to 64 permanently living together.
  • Is sailing covered as an activity?

    Pleasure sailing is covered but only within internationally recognised territorial waters. Ocean sailing, sailing in any international waters or competitive sailing is excluded.
  • Can I purchase AA Travel Insurance if I don't live in the UK?

    No, the policy only covers UK residents, so non-UK residents are not covered. The UK is defined as England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man.
  • Can we extend our winter sports cover beyond 17 days on annual multi-trip cover?

    An annual multi-trip policy with the winter sports option includes up to 17 days of winter-sports activities during the period of insurance. This cannot be extended, so if you would like winter sports cover for a longer period please opt for single-trip cover.
  • If I get hurt while skiing and have not taken out winter sports cover, would I be covered?

    No, you would not be covered for medical costs. Winter sports cover does not just add on the specific winter sports (see the policy booklet). It is excluded from all sections of the policy unless your policy schedule shows you have bought winter sports cover.
  • Is cross-country skiing covered?

    Pleasure skiing of this type is covered if the policy holder is accompanied by a qualified guide or instructor but cross country skiing is not covered if it is competitive or the policy holder is skiing against local authoritative advice or warning.
  • Do I need winter sports cover for hockey?

    Ice hockey is an excluded activity, as is organised team hockey.
  • What if I'm not sure if my medical needs are covered?

    If any of the conditions listed in the medical declaration on our web site apply to you, we recommend that you call one of our advisors.
  • Am I fully covered if I had cancer two years ago?

    Every person who has been treated or been under consultation for cancer in the last 5 years following the final check up, will not be covered unless the condition has been declared to us and we have agreed cover in writing. Please call and discuss with one of our friendly call centre agents if you would like further information.
  • Do you cover angina?

    Angina must be risk assessed for all destinations. If any of the conditions listed in the medical declaration on our web site apply to you, we recommend that you call one of our advisors.
  • Is there cover for water sports?

    There is no cover for motorboat or powerboat racing/rallying, nor for high diving or diving with sharks. There is no cover for any sub aqua activity below 30 metres and all underwater swimming is excluded unless you are a qualified diver who is diving accompanied or you're diving with a qualified instructor.
  • Do you have personal liability cover for holiday accommodation?

    Personal liability cover is included for temporary rented holiday accommodation, but not if you own the overseas property or you have the property on any other type of hire.
  • Is terrorism covered?

    It is excluded from all sections except for the Emergency Medical and other expenses section, Personal Accident section and Hijack section (where cover is provided as part of the policy). If the terrorist act involves a nuclear device or a chemical or biological agent, there is no cover at all.
  • Are the benefits per person?

    The benefits are per person unless stated otherwise. The personal liability benefit limit is per event and the emergency car-hire limit is per party. In the personal possessions, luggage, money and passport section, cover for tools, spare-parts kit, warning triangle, emergency windscreen and snow chains is per party, as is the cover for personal possessions left in a vehicle being recovered to the UK. All other benefit limits are per person.
  • When does the delayed baggage benefit come into force?

    If your baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours after your arrival overseas at your final destination, there is cover up to £200 to replace essential items of toiletries, medication and clothing. If your property is lost permanently, any payment made under delayed baggage will be deducted from the eventual claim for loss, damage or theft.
  • Am I covered to work or study in Europe?

    Paid manual work of any kind and professional entertaining are both excluded from policy cover. Study overseas can be covered but does not include any professional liability cover or any excluded activity.